You’re a snowflake!

With freezing temperatures I’m wondering whether I might wake up one morning to a blanket of snow outside. Only it wouldn’t be a blanket but billions of individual ice crystals lying together. And while they might all look the same each one would in fact be unique. The atmospheric conditions through which they had fallen would have made them form ever so slightly differently. That said the heart of every snowflake is always the same, a perfect hexagon. How remarkable that billions of different snowflakes are the same at their core.

Well as for snowflakes so too for us. Over seven billion of us now inhabit our planet and billions more have come and gone. Yet no two of us have ever been the same. Both nature and nurture combine to make us unique. And yet like the snowflakes we all share a similarity, the image of God in which we have been made and which to a greater or lesser extent we all display in our lives.

So, if today you are feeling unloved and insignificant just remember that like each flake of snow you are not just one in a crowd, but a precious and unique reflection of the God who made you.

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