Your true value

The story is told of a father who gave his daughter an old car as a graduation present. Before handing over the keys for good he instructed her to have it valued at a used car dealership, a pawn shop and a classic car club. The used car dealership offered her £1,000 because it looked very tired. The pawn shop offered just £100 because of its age. But the classic car club offered her £100,000 because it was a very rare and iconic car, much in demand. She returned home and told her father about the different valuations. He told her, ‘the right place values you in the right way. You are about to start out in life. If you are not valued, don’t get angry, just realise that you are in the wrong place. Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.’

In life we are all trying to discover our true worth and we often do so by seeking approval from those around us. Mostly other people will value us like the used car dealership or the pawn shop. Only God who ‘knit us together in our mother’s womb’ sees our true value and thinks we’re priceless.

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