You Are Amazing!

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, take a moment to remind yourself how amazing you are as a human being!  One hundred trillion cells (that’s 100 with 12 noughts on the end), each containing DNA storing enough information to fill 1,700 average Bibles.  And not only information, but instructions for how that information should be used – in millions of ways millions of times every day, just in order to keep you alive.


But you’re even more amazing than that!  DNA is fragile and scientists estimate that in every cell in your body about one million breakages occur every single day – breakages that if not repaired would lead to catastrophic results.  So your cells contain enzymes that repair the damage – a million times a day in 100 trillion cells.


But here’s the best bit – the enzymes don’t know what to do to repair the broken DNA without instructions that are contained – in the DNA!  Now there’s a chicken and egg problem if ever there was one.


So whether you have the faith to believe that all this just happened to come into being purely by chance, or the faith to believe that a loving Creator God is behind it all, one thing is for certain: you are amazing!

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