Working for a cleaner world

Speaking about the security arrangements for the latest artwork installation at Blenhiem Place, Edward Spencer-Churchill declared, ‘It’s not going to be the easiest thing to nick.’ Sadly, he was proved wrong as the 18-carat gold toilet was stolen in the early hours of 14thSeptember 2019.

The toilet, called ‘America’, was fully functional and visitors were invited to use it as long as they could get their business done in 3 minutes or less. Fortunately, other toilets are still available and, after all, waste is waste whether it goes down a gold pan or into a hole in the ground.

Jesus once talked about human waste to illustrate that it’s not what we eat that pollutes us but what comes out of our hearts. He explained that food just passes through the digestive system and then leaves the body. It’s the stuff that our hearts generate – evil thoughts, theft, murder, greed, deceit and the like – that really pollute us.

Good sanitation is essential, but if we really want to live in a cleaner world then perhaps we should follow Jesus’ advice and give more attention to purifying our hearts.

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