Will they or won’t they?

As with all the best stories it’s often the very moment when all hope seems to be lost when the clouds part and the sun breaks through once more. With the Brexit deadline approaching like a runaway train, it’s just possible that a conversation between two key leaders may have changed everything. 

I’m reminded of a scene from the film version of CS Lewis’s famous tale The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Edmund has succumbed to the temptations offered by the White Witch and she is now insisting that he pays with his life – it is what the law demands. His friends and siblings look on in despair realising that she is right. A tense stand-off ensues while Aslan negotiates with the White Witch. Everyone holds their breath. Then suddenly Aslan emerges with news that a deal has been done and Edmund is free. The crowd cheer with delight – not realising that Edmund is only free because Aslan has offered his own life as an exchange.

As with the fiction so with the fact: the problem of our sin just can’t be ignored and a holy God must judge that which is not right. But in his love for us God in Jesus pays the price and sets us free.

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