When the earth moves

When Jesus was telling his friends what to look out for as signs of his imminent return, I wonder if he had Taylor Swift in mind? Amongst the things Jesus mentioned were earthquakes and once again Taylor’s enthusiastic ‘Swifties’ have made the earth move. During her recent concerts in Edinburgh seismic activity was detected 6km away as her fans jumped and danced the night away. 

Dancing Swifties aside why did Jesus suggest that earth tremors would be a sign that history was drawing to a close? Well earthquakes are dangerous, disturbing and destructive and remind us that what rests beneath our feet is not as stable as we might assume; and in a similar way neither are many of the foundations on which we build our lives. As Taylor Swift reminds us in many of her songs, much of our pain and disappointment is the result of broken relationships which shake our lives. Jesus, too, makes clear that the pain and disappointment that afflicts our world is the result of a broken relationship – ours with the God of love who created us. 

Like many of us Taylor Swift is searching for a love that will truly satisfy. The good news of Jesus is that in him and him alone we can find that love.

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