When celebrities disappoint

Why are we always so surprised when those we idolise disappoint us? Billy Graham lived a virtuous life but made no pretence that he was perfect. He would sometimes observe that there was not a single sin he was not capable of committing within 30 minutes of leaving a stadium. He was making the point that all of us have the capacity for great evil as well as good. This is why we should never put anyone on a pedestal. If we do there’s only one way they can go and that’s down. 

Human beings were never created to be glorified. Time and time again we see those who are come unstuck. Rather, we were created to reflect the glory of the one in whose image we were made. There has only ever been one perfect human being and his name is Jesus. The Bible tells us that while he was tempted in every way that we are, he never did anything wrong. That’s why death couldn’t hold him on the cross and that’s why he is able to carry the worship given to him. He will never fall from grace. Instead, it is his grace that lifts us up when we, inevitably and repeatedly, do fall.

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