When being small isn’t a problem

Sometimes being rich doesn’t guarantee you everything you want. Sometimes you need to be tall as well. Tom Cruise is famous for playing the action hero in the Mission Impossible film franchise. So in 2012 he seemed the natural choice to play Jack Reacher when Lee Child’s books hit the big screen. The only problem was that in the books Reacher stands 6’5” tall – almost a foot taller than Cruise’s 5’7”. Fans weren’t happy and this week Child’s revealed that he’s looking for a taller person to play the role in the future.


Height issues also presented a problem for a man we meet in the Bible called Zacchaeus. He wanted to see Jesus but was so short he couldn’t see over the top of the crowd. Unlike poor Tom, however, Zacchaeus solved his problem by climbing a tree. Hoping for a glimpse of Jesus he got more than he bargained for as Jesus spotted him and invited himself to Zacchaeus’s house for tea. It was an encounter that changed his life forever as he discovered God’s love and purpose for his life.


So here’s the good news: while being short may prevent you from achieving everything you want in this life, it won’t stop Jesus coming to find you!

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