What are we waiting for?

With our Black Friday deals in the bag and Advent calendars ready to be opened we’re all set for the final push to Christmas. But while the days may be getting shorter that can’t be said for our to-do lists. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be writing cards, buying and wrapping gifts and stocking our cupboards with festive food and drink. We run the risk of being so busy with our preparations that we won’t stop to think what we’re preparing for!

So, let’s take a moment to pause and realise that without the birth of Jesus we would have nothing to celebrate. Some might argue that we no longer need Jesus as an excuse to give presents and that might be true without the fact that Jesus promised to come a second time, this time in all his glory. His first coming led him ultimately to the cross where he demonstrated how much God loves us by dying for our sins. His second coming will lead to judgement and restoration of the earth to its beautiful, perfect and original design.

So, if all we look are looking forward to are a few days of over-spending and over-indulgence, then we might have missed the point.

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