Well that’s impressive!

I thought I’d impress my new friend with one of my travel stories. I told him of the time I flew into Cali, Colombia only to discover that my suitcase was missing. I was suitably impressed when my case was quickly located in Madrid and I was promised that it would be delivered to my apartment in the city the next afternoon, which it was. Not only that but I was given $60 in cash as immediate compensation.

There was a pause and then my friend replied with a story about a time his flight was delayed and then had to leave without any luggage aboard. He was put up in a 5* hotel, given £200 cash, upgraded to 1st Class and given return Business Class tickets to anywhere in the world to use at a future date! My impressive little story shrivelled and died on the spot.

Fortunately, I find that when I talk about my faith, I’m on safer ground. I can tell the story of a God who was so powerful that he created the universe from nothing, so humble that he was born as a human being only to be ridiculed and rejected, and so loving that the was willing to sacrifice himself on a cross. Now that’s impressive!

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