Welcome home!

Henry Morrison and his wife were thrilled to see huge crowds and a band playing on the New York Harbour quayside. After 40 years of service on the mission field of Africa Henry turned to his wife and said, ‘They haven’t forgotten us.’ But the crowds weren’t there for Henry. President Roosevelt was on the same ship returning after a three-week hunting trip. The welcome was for him.

Henry and his wife left the quayside unnoticed and went to the tiny apartment that had been provided for them. But he couldn’t get what had happened out of his mind and complained to his wife. How could they throw a party to welcome the President home after a hunting trip, but after 40 years of faithful service no one was there to welcome them home.

Henry took his complaint to God in prayer and heard in answer the still small voice of God saying, ‘But Henry, you’re not home yet!’ With this realisation Henry found the peace that he had been missing.

The story reminds us that we miss the point if we work only for reward and recognition from our peers in this life. What really counts is whether God will welcome us home after a life lived for Him.

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