Waste Disposal

On 18th August refuse workers in the City of Edinburgh walked out in a dispute over pay. At a stroke all the rubbish being produced by 140,000 households across the city had nowhere to go and quickly started to accumulate on the streets. Suddenly that which is normally hidden is there for everyone to see.

It’s a stark reminder that if we are going to produce lots of waste then we need a continually functioning process for getting rid of it. And it’s not just the material waste we produce that causes a problem. Jesus once pointed out that humans continually produce spiritual waste as we fall short of God’s standards – theft, murder, greed, malice, deceit, envy and so the list goes on. For the people of the Old Testament God instituted a sacrificial system that allowed them to receive pardon for their sins. But like the city streets of Edinburgh, when the process broke down and the waste built up, the result stank to high heaven.

Thank God then for Jesus who came as the perfect once-and-for-all sacrifice who paid the price for all our sin. What a relief to know that every time we mess up in our lives he is waiting and willing to sweep our sin away.

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