Wait and see

As Gary Lineker knows only too well sometimes its best just to wait and see. In 2015 his beloved Leicester City Football Club began their season with no one expecting them to win. But when they reached the top of the table, an excited Lineker vowed that if they won, he would present Match of the Day in his underwear. They did win and he did indeed present the show in his boxers. Perhaps not surprising then that when Leicester began their 2021 FA cup run Lineker held his tongue and made no predictions. Just as well, otherwise, his joy at watching them lift the cup might have been tempered by the prospect of another semi-naked TV appearance.

Two thousand years ago Jewish religious leaders were concerned about the rapidly growing church. The followers of Jesus were creating quite a stir and growing in number by the day. They were keen to stamp down hard and fast. But a wise man called Gamaliel counselled patience. He said that if it wasn’t of God it would just die out. But if it was then it might go all the way and, like Lineker, the Jewish leaders’ embarrassment would be plain for all to see.

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