Unexpected Detours

Driving home from dropping my son in Manchester I was expecting an easy journey home. But then I drove past a sign that read ‘M25 closed at Junction 15’. Since this was the way I was going this was clearly a problem, and there was no obvious alternative. But I kept going trusting that at some point a solution would present itself. Sure enough when I got nearer a diversion appeared that took me round the closed junction. I’d just had to trust and wait knowing that somehow I’d eventually get back on track.

Well this year is not turning out as any of us expected. Covid19 has changed everything. The future looks more uncertain still as the economic consequences start to bite. Many have lost loved ones and many more have lost jobs. Many are fearful and anxious about what to do. At a time in the Old Testament when the people of God were facing an uncertain future the prophet Isaiah had this advice, ‘Trust in the Lord completely… rely on him to guide you and he will lead you… become intimate with him in whatever you do.’ Like them we too can trust and wait on who God will lead us.

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