Trust and obey

‘You could be the greatest, you could be the best, you can be the King Kong banging on your chest.’  With those whispered words from the Irish band The Script, 19-year-old Olympic skier Millie Knight stepped into the gate and pushed off in her quest to become champion at the 2017 World Alpine Skiing Championships.  Flying down the mountain at speeds of up to 70 mph Millie soon crossed the line and secured the victory she’d worked so hard for.


But Millie is no ordinary skier.  She was competing in the World Para Alpine Skiing Championships.  Registered blind she has only 5% vision.


So how on earth does she get down a mountain at 70mph?  By having complete trust in her guide, Brett, who skis just in front of her and who gives constant instructions about which way to turn.  In her own words, ‘I’m only aware of following Brett’s commands, I totally zone in and that’s all I’m focused on.’


In that respect at least then she echoes the words of Jesus who said, ‘I love the Father and I do exactly what [He] has commanded me’ and reminds every follower of Jesus that our attitude should be the same.

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