Top Gear – or struggling to find 2nd?

So this was the week that the British TV car magazine show, Top Gear, re-launched with new hosts. Everyone it seems has an opinion about the new show, and so not wanting to miss out, here’s what I thought – it wasn’t new enough! I guess because the old format was so well known and so successful the new team decided to tinker rather than overhaul, but for me that meant that I spent the whole show being reminded of a familiar friend who was no longer there – it was too easy to make comparisons and think about the old that had gone, rather than focus on the new.


For me it illustrates the wisdom of something that Jesus said, when he was being criticized by the religious leaders of his day for not being religious enough – what he was doing looked familiar, but to them he just wasn’t doing it properly. So he told them that you couldn’t put new wine into an old wineskin, because if you do the skin will burst and you’ll lose both the skin and the wine. Jesus hadn’t come to tinker with the old religion but to overhaul it completely – no longer would we have to strive to achieve the unreachable goal of God’s perfection, but instead, through the offering of himself, Jesus would open up relationship with a loving God and life in all its fullness.


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