The Power of Prayer

In December 1934 an American missionary in China was on the verge of giving up. Just twenty-one years old he was living in poverty and feeling desperately lonely and isolated; and now news had arrived that other missionaries had been martyred by Communist soldiers. One day he was plagued with doubt and fear and a voice inside his head told him he was wasting his life and he should go home. He was on the verge of doing so.

Twelve thousand miles away in California a Christian lady suddenly woke up. It was midnight but she knew someone needed prayer. She had never met the young missionary but had read about him in a magazine and remembered him in prayer every day. Now she felt burdened to pray for him urgently but did not know what for. All she could do was cry out “Dear God, see him through, see him through!”

Back in China the missionary’s heart was suddenly stilled, and a strange peace settled on him. He heard God say “Don’t doubt me. I will see you through, I will see you through.”

The woman’s faithful prayer was answered, and the missionary not only stayed but went on to found a global mission movement that saw many thousands won for Christ.

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