The nourishing power of instant noodles

Think of Japan and it’s hard not to think of numerous inventions that have spread across the world: from the Sony Walkman, to the bullet train, to laptops and karaoke, the nation has given birth to innovation that has made all our lives that much simpler and more enjoyable.  But ask the Japanese themselves which their favourite invention has been, and you get a surprising result.  In survey after survey the invention that tops the poll is: the instant noodle!


In the aftermath of the Second World War and with the government desperate to find ways to encourage the population to eat more American wheat, failed businessman Momofuko Ando came up with a genius idea that would finally make his fortune – a small brick of dried noodles to which a thousand different flavours could be added.  So successful was he that in 2017 100 billion servings were eaten around the world – that’s 13 for every man, woman and child on the planet.


It’s become such a staple food that no doubt were Jesus walking the earth today He might have been tempted to say, ‘Man does not live on instant noodles alone. But on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

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