The lost whistle

For one week each year I tolerate the deprivations that come with camping so that we can attend a Christian festival. Over the years we’ve added numerous bits of kit to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be, and one of the first was a kettle. Its most useful feature was a loud whistle to let me know that the water was boiling. Without the whistle the kettle is potentially very dangerous as it could boil dry and cause a fire. So, imagine my concern when I noticed this year that the kettle was boiling furiously but had lost its whistle. What use is it now when it’s no longer able to warn me of impending danger?

As for the kettle so for the church. Jesus said that the path that leads to destruction is wide, and many find it, but the path that leads to life is narrow and few find it. If the church believes this is true, then we must blow the whistle to let the world know of the impending danger that comes with ignoring Jesus’ call to ‘repent and believe the good news’. A church that fails to do this is as dangerous as a kettle that no longer whistles.

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