The evidence for love

Here’s a thought for those of you who celebrated Valentine’s Day with a loved one – do the cards and gifts you received prove that you are loved? The short answer is no they don’t, because love is impossible to prove. All the cards, flowers and chocolates in the world can only ever provide you with evidence. So, do you have enough evidence to convince you beyond reasonable doubt that you are loved?

In a similar way I’m sometimes challenged to prove that God exists, and the honest answer is I can’t. No one can. The existence of God isn’t a mathematical problem to be solved but a relationship to be experienced. The question is not can I prove God’s existence, but rather can I point to evidence that puts it beyond reasonable doubt? 

The Bible says that God is love and that the greatest gift he gave to the world was his son Jesus Christ. Jesus in turn demonstrated God’s love through the things he said and did and most significantly through his death and resurrection. The evidence is there to show God’s existence and his love, but, like our Valentines, we must decide whether or not we are convinced.

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