The Bread of Life

These days we’re all on the lookout for ways to save money. No wonder then that the big supermarkets are each out to convince us that only they have the best deals. The irony, of course, is that they still want us to spend as much as possible. That’s why essentials such as eggs and bread are hidden in the middle of the store – by the time we’ve found them we’ve picked up lots of things we didn’t intend to buy. It’s why fresh fruit and veg is by the entrance making us feel good about ourselves and helping justify the purchase of less healthy foods later. Some stores even use smaller floor tiles in areas with expensive items to give the illusion of faster movement, causing us instinctively to slow down. So, we may not be saving as much as we think!

Jesus was rather more up front with us when it came to life’s essentials. He said we’re not meant to live by bread alone and that we shouldn’t work for food that spoils but for that which endures. He said that he was that bread of life and that only in him could eternal life be found. And oh yes, he said this bread would cost us our lives!

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