The Big Secret

Built in 1965 the BT Tower was for some 15 years the tallest building in London, open to the public with viewing galleries, a souvenir shop and a revolving restaurant. Bizarrely, however, because it housed sensitive communications equipment it was designated an official secret – no one was really supposed to know it was there, and for thirty years it did not appear on ordnance survey maps.


In this respect at least the Tower has something in common with Jesus, who for thirty years grew up in Israel clearly visible and available to anyone who wanted to meet him, but housing all the while secret communication equipment – a perfect connection to his Father in heaven. While some began to suspect that this was the case it was only after 30 years, when Jesus was baptized, that the secret was made public with God declaring “You are my Son, my beloved; with whom I am well pleased”, and John the Baptist greeting him as “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. The BT Tower remains clearly visible to those who are looking in the right direction; and so does the love of God revealed in Jesus.

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