Taste and see

Last week a lawsuit was lodged in the Delhi High Court. The case in question concerns a dispute over which family can lay claim to direct lineage to the creator of one of India’s most popular dishes – butter chicken! 

Over seventy years ago the owner of an open-air diner needed to use up leftover tikkas and hit upon the idea of adding tomato gravy and dollops of butter. Fast forward to today and descendants of the original restaurant owners are fighting for the right to claim the dish as theirs.

In the end though does it really matter? If the dish tastes delicious wherever it is cooked, does it really matter who took the lead in its invention all those years ago?

As I reflect on all of this, I think of the church which seems to tie itself up in knots arguing over issues which are not very essential. In doing so we lose sight of the only thing that really matters which is that God so loved the world he sent his Son to die for us, so that whoever believes in him need not perish but have eternal life. No wonder the Psalmist says, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!’ (Ps 34:8)

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