Taking a Break

I’m taking a short break from writing but will be back with a new story on Monday 1st June. In the meantime you may like to head over to Facebook page I manage for my church where I’ve been posting short video Thoughts for the Day. In recent weeks I’ve tackled subjects like:

  1. Why suffering? 2. Religion – bringer of peace or cause of conflict? 3. Proving God’s existence. 4. Blind leap or step of faith? 5. Does Hod send people to hell? 6. Why is the church full of hypocrites? 7.Love is love? 8. God is love? 9. Religion – ‘jam’ tomorrow? 10. Reflection for VE Day 11. Learning lessons from a life in lockdown 12. What is a Christian? 13 Where is God when tragedy strikes.

You’ll find all of these at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bolneyvillagechapel/videos/?ref=page_internal

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