Taken by surprise

On 1stNovember 1995 my wife and I went to bed secure in the knowledge that the due date for the birth of our first child was not for another 12 days. So imagine our surprise when my wife woke in the early hours and knew for certain that the baby was on its way. We were completely unprepared and flew round the house in a panic trying to think of all the things we would need to take to the hospital. I remember running to the local garage and asking customers for any loose change they could spare, because I knew that when the baby was born I would need to phone friends and family to let them know the good news.


Jesus once told a parable to warn his disciples to be prepared for the day when he would return from heaven to judge the world. In the story ten virgins are waiting for a bridegroom to appear. He takes longer than they expect, and they all fall asleep. When he finally appears at midnight five of the virgins are taken by surprise and to their shock find themselves left behind.


As sure as babies are born one day Jesus will return to judge the world, so let’s make sure that we’re not taken by surprise!

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