Swipe Right

Never in her wildest dreams did Jessica Maverick think that her search for love would take her as far as it did.  With her home in Cardiff, South Wales in the UK she set her dating app to find her matches within 100 miles.  When in due course, a picture of Steve Collins from Swansea appeared she was immediately taken with his dark brown eyes and swiped right.  Surely this could be the man of her dreams?  Only later did she realise that Steve didn’t live a few miles down the road in Swansea in the UK, but over 10,000 miles away in Swansea, New South Wales in Australia.  By the time they noticed the error, however, they were already talking, and Jessica will soon be flying to Australia to marry the love of her life.


It just goes to show that in the search for true love we should never limit who we are prepared to consider.  The Bible says that perfect love is found only in God and we see this displayed in the life of Jesus who invites us to respond.  Sadly, where God is concerned we too often make the mistake of swiping left and miss out on what could and should be the greatest love of our lives.

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