Speed Awareness

This summer I was invited to attend a Speed Awareness Course! With some irony this was the result of lockdown. As the world slowed and the roads emptied a unique opportunity arose – that of approaching the Dartford Tunnel without having to slow down and join the back of a queue.

On the course we were asked to think about why we’d been travelling too fast and how we’d make sure it didn’t happen again. By coincidence at the same time I was reading a book entitled ‘The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.’ While the book was about lifestyle rather than driving, both the course and the book gave me time to reflect on why we live our lives at such speed and what we lose as a consequence.

As a society one thing I think we’ve lost is our awareness of God which has become so dimmed we barely acknowledge His presence. But in Psalm 46 we read this, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ Whether on the roads or living our lives, there’s something about slowing down in order to enjoy the journey more. So, in these interesting times in which we live may we learn to spend less time rushing and more time resting.

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