Speaking Face to Face

It’s often supposed that the Bible is rather old-fashioned and irrelevant. So quite a surprise to discover that St Paul seemed more than familiar with Zoom calls. Speaking to a church in the ancient city of Corinth he says, ‘Now we see but a poor reflection; then we shall see face to face’.

Over the last three months most of us have grown used to Zoom and are very grateful for it. Forced apart from loved ones who are shielding and unable to get into work, it has become a lifeline. But how often have we been tempted to throw our devices out of the window in frustration when the signal drops out, or the picture freezes, or your favourite aunt suddenly starts speaking like a Dalek? Those poor reflections are no substitute for speaking face-to-face and there’s been no upgrade yet that allows you to give your loved one a hug that they can feel.

Actually (and this will come as no surprise) St Paul was not familiar with Zoom. But he was familiar with an incredible love that he had found in Jesus Christ that had utterly changed his life; and it was Jesus that he was one day looking forward to seeing face-to-face.

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