In the UK today we find ourselves in the eye of the storm. After weeks of debate and campaigning, today we are voting whether or not we will remain as members of the European Union. While arguments have raged around the issues of the economy and immigration, the central issue is one of sovereignty – who really governs us?


So before the storm breaks again tomorrow, it may be worth reminding ourselves that the Bible has a lot to say about governance and sovereignty. First of all we are called to respect, obey and pray for those who rule over us – we are to be good citizens motivated by the common good and not self-interest. Secondly, submission to God will always trump submission to the state, and, therefore, citizens must hold the state to account for the decisions it makes. Thirdly, ultimately God is sovereign and the world won’t end without His say-so! Jesus once stood in front of a man who claimed to have the power of life and death over him, to which Jesus replied that he wouldn’t have any authority at all if God hadn’t given it to him!


So whatever happens tomorrow three things are certain – the sky won’t fall in, Father Christmas will still make his annual visit and Jesus will still be on His throne!

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