So just why are we here?

NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft is the size of a grand piano. On a mission to unlock the secrets of how our solar system was formed it has travelled 6.5 billion kilometres from earth. This week it flew by its latest objective Ultima Thule, a frozen lump of rock just 21 miles long. It’s a stunning achievement for human ingenuity and demonstrates just how far we’re prepared to go to find answers to the big questions of life.


It seems that as human beings we have an insatiable desire to know how we came to exist. But while New Horizon may reveal clues as to how planets came to be formed, the one question it won’t be able to answer is how something came from nothing; or to put it another way, what was there before there was anything?


The Bible answers this question by simply stating, ‘In the beginning God’. The Bible also states, ‘God is love’. Take these two statements together and it may be that the clues to our existence lie nearer home than we first thought. It would certainly be an amazing thing if we were here purely by chance. But it’s even more amazing thing to know that we’re here because of the intention of a loving God.

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