Single man says no marriage in heaven

Single man says no marriage in heaven.  Well he would, wouldn’t he?  Clearly the bitter musings of someone who has failed at love and wants to burst the bubble of those enjoying a happy relationship.  Surely it’s a human right to find love wherever and whenever we can, because our lives will be impoverished without it.


But wait a moment.  Who was the single man who said there would be no marriage in heaven?  None other than Jesus, the Son of God, a man who never had a romantic attachment, and yet who lived the most contented and satisfied life of any man in history, and who spoke endlessly about the need for us to love one another.


Undoubtedly as humans we are created with an inbuilt longing both to love and be loved.  But perhaps Jesus’ life and words point us to a different source of love and fulfilment than we usually assume.  Perhaps our longing to find love with another human being is actually a signpost pointing us to the greater love we are intended to find in communion with God.  If so then Jesus’ words are not after all the bitter musings of a failed lover, but rather required reading for all who would dare to love.

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