Serving the wrong wine

Some lucky customers at the Hawksmoor restaurant in Manchester had an unexpected surprise when the waiter accidentally served them the wrong wine. They had ordered a bottle of Bordeaux for £260 but instead the waiter gave them a bottle worth £4,500. Sadly, it appears that the customers didn’t realise the value of the wine they were drinking.

This, of course, is not the first-time waiters have been involved in a mix-up over wine. Jesus was once at a wedding when embarrassingly for the hosts the wine ran out. Prompted by his mother, Jesus miraculously turned nearly 600 litres of water into the best wine anyone had ever tasted. A stunned maître d’ exclaimed that the best wine was usually served first, and the cheap plonk brought out when everyone was sloshed.

That of course was the whole point of the miracle, as it pointed to the identity of Jesus. Thousands of years of spiritual searching had given the world a taste of the divine. But now in the person of Jesus the divine had appeared in perfect human form. The problem of course is whether we realise the quality of what’s on offer. The guests at the Hawksmoor didn’t and too often when it comes to Jesus, we don’t either.

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