Satisfying our Hunger

I’ve sometimes wondered why the Very Hungry Caterpillar wasn’t given a name. Born on a Sunday he spends the first week of his life eating his way through everything he can find in increasing quantities. But nothing satisfies. On Saturday he goes all out, abandons his fruit only diet and munches his way through cake, ice-cream, meat, cheese and cherry pie. But instead of finding satisfaction he just winds up with a sore stomach. It’s only when he finally dies to himself that he finds himself transformed into the beautiful butterfly he was always created to be.

Perhaps then he wasn’t given a name because his story is our story. Born into this world we grow up longing to satisfy the hunger of our souls. We munch our way through everything this world has to offer but nothing satisfies our deepest need to feel loved and significant. The answer may be found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus who promised us ‘life and life in all its fulness.’ Many have discovered that it is only when we surrender our lives to Jesus that we find ourselves reborn into a new life and become the beautiful people we were created to be.

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