As the temperature falls with the onset of winter, spare a thought for the Soldanelle plant that grows high up in the Swiss Alps.  Each winter it is covered with snow and ice, and yet it survives and each spring reappears as beautiful as before.  The reason for its survival is that during the summer months it spreads its large leaves on the ground and absorbs energy from the sun.  It stores this energy in its roots all through the winter, and when spring comes, the heat from the root creates a dome of warm air above the plant that melts the ice and allows it to grow once more.


In a similar way, it is the winter seasons of our lives, that reveal whether we have sufficient reserves stored in our roots from the summer seasons, to survive and flourish once more.  For those who follow Christ it is the roots that grow down into the love and grace of Jesus that provide the strength to withstand these testing times.  The Apostle Paul writes movingly of the unconditional love of God that he had found in Jesus, and the joy of the resurrection, and it was this knowledge that gave him deep roots of faith, that meant he could stand firm even when faced with death.a


a2 Corinthians 12:9,10

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