Rogue flight plan

Following a problem with air traffic control on Bank Holiday Monday thousands of travellers are now stranded far from home. The issue has been no respecter of persons with businessmen and holidaymakers affected the same and many being told they could be stuck for days. Airlines are not obliged to help but some are suggesting alternative routes. It now turns out that just a single rogue flight plan led to the IT meltdown and the worst chaos in a decade.

I’m reminded of a Bible story. A young couple, Adam and Eve, are enjoying the holiday of a lifetime when they file an unauthorised ‘flight plan’. Suddenly their beautifully ordered existence is thrown into chaos and the effects are far-reaching. No respecter of persons this chaos affects all people regardless of race or status. All now find themselves far from the home they were created to inhabit, desperately trying to find a way back. Religion tries to help by offering alternative routes but mostly these just make the journey harder and with no guarantee of a safe arrival.

The Good News of the Gospel is that a second Adam, Jesus, came and entered a perfect ‘flight plan’ that redeemed and restored the one that led to chaos. Now we can all find our way home.

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