Prove that you love me

A famous Christian of the 19th Century John Henry Newman, spoke of the journey of faith as an accumulation of probabilities that in the end led to certainty in the heart of the believer. He was pointing to the fact that while it’s impossible to prove the existence of God, there is enough evidence to make it reasonable beyond doubt.  For some this is not enough. Many a commentator has said that if Christians can’t prove that God exists why should anyone believe.

Well here’s a question for those of you sending cards and gifts to a loved one to mark St Valentine’s Day: can you prove that they love you, or can they prove that you love them? The answer is no.  All you will ever have is evidence on which to decide whether it is reasonable to believe that you are loved or not. You will never have proof because love is about a relationship to be experienced, not a mathematical problem to be solved.

The Bible is clear that we were created for relationship with God, and like all relationships it relies not on proof, but on the experience of love, trust, and faithfulness.

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