Prove it

Over the last few years I have flown to a number of different countries across Europe, Africa and South America, using a variety of airlines. On not one occasion, however, have I asked for any kind of proof either that the airliner I that I am about to board is airworthy, or that the pilot to whom I am about to entrust my life is qualified to fly the plane. I don’t ask for proof because I think it is reasonable to believe that a reputable airline wouldn’t knowingly use a defective aircraft, nor employ an unqualified pilot. To date this trust in what seems reasonable to believe has served me well.


Sometimes people ask for proof that God exists, but it is not possible to find any such proof. I didn’t become a Christian because someone proved it to me, but because in the end I decided that, given all the available evidence, it was reasonable to believe that 2,000 years ago, Jesus had been crucified and then resurrected, and after 30 years as a Christian I still believe that the Biblical worldview makes the most sense of why the world is as it is. So maybe a better to question to ask rather than ‘Prove it!’ is: does the Christian faith make sense?

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