The Problem with Self-assessment

In the UK cars over three years old must pass an annual test to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy.  The test covers 20 different aspects of the car and if something as small as a lightbulb is broken the car will fail.  Incredibly over 40% of cars do fail on their first attempt.


What would undoubtedly improve the pass rate would be if owners could conduct their own tests.  Most of us would be happy to overlook a blown bulb, but that’s not how it works – the standards are set by others and we have to adhere to them.


In a similar way it doesn’t do for us to decide how good we need to be in order for God to reward us with eternal life.  Like a DIY MOT test we are likely to set the bar low enough for us to easily pass.  But the Bible says it’s God who sets the standard for human behaviour and the bar is high, 100% perfection.


Only one man has ever achieved that standard, Jesus, God’s one and only Son.  The good news for us is that He allows us to share in His perfection by faith.  It’s like turning up to every MOT with a brand new car!

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