Perfect Planet

Like many others I’m enjoying David Attenborough’s new series ‘Perfect Planet’. Once again, I’m in wonder at the natural world and how finely balanced are the conditions that allow life on earth to exist at all. How these conditions came to be, of course, is a question of debate – was it by chance or was it by design?

I’m reminded of a friend of mine who was travelling by train and fell into conversation with another passenger who turned out to be a biologist. On discovering that he was a Christian she volunteered the information that the order in which life appeared according to the Bible is just as biologists have discovered it to be. She wasn’t a Christian but just thought my friend would be interested to know. 

So, I wasn’t surprised when Attenborough told us that 80% of the earth’s surface was formed by volcanoes. Genesis tells us that during creation God ‘let dry ground appear’. Science has the tools to explain how we got here; but we need the Bible to tell us why. We live on a perfect planet because that is how God made it, and he did so as a place where we might live with him.

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