Perfect love

There are some things in life which seem terribly unimportant… until they aren’t. Like the bolts I found at the back of a cupboard when we were moving house and threw away… only to discover that they were the transit bolts for the washing machine. Or the Christian doctrine of the Trinity – one God revealed as three persons, Father, Son and Spirit – which also seemed terribly unimportant…  until I needed to know how much I was loved. Let me explain.

There is a fundamental problem with human love. It’s unreliable. With one breath we can pledge undying love and with the next take it away, and that’s a problem because faithful consistent love is the foundation on which our lives need to be built. So how does the Trinity help? Simply because it shows us that love is the very essence of God’s character. The Father has always loved the Son and the Spirit, the Son has always loved the Father and the Spirit, and the Spirit has always loved the Father and the Son – perfectly. It means that in creation God was expressing his love and he can’t help himself but love all he has created. And that includes you and me.

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