Paying off debt

Since the beginning of lockdown, the UK government has racked up £300 billion in debt, providing extra resources for the NHS and furloughing millions of workers. I’m told that the last time this happened was in 1835. On that occasion slavery had just been abolished and the money was used to compensate slave owners for their loss. The final bill came to near enough £300 billion and it took a long time to pay off. In fact, it took 180 years to pay off. So just as we’ve paid off one huge debt, we’re back to where we started!

Well Jesus once told a story about two people who had fallen into debt, one for a small amount and the other for a very large amount. Both debts were cancelled, and Jesus asked which of them would be more grateful. Obviously the one who had had the bigger debt cancelled. 

So it is that our love for Jesus will be directly proportionate to our awareness of the sin (or falling short of God’s standards) that he has forgiven us. If we’re willing to own up, then he’s willing to wipe the slate clean, and I for one think that’s good news worth celebrating!

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