Pandora’s Box

According to the ancient Greek myth, a curious Pandora opened a box letting out turmoil, strife, hatred and other evils. Too late she realises that there’s no way to put them back in, but then discovers hope lying at the bottom of the box.

In 2016 Donald Trump opened a Pandora’s box in order to win popular support and the race to the White House. Along the way he stirred up turmoil, strife, and hatred. He won the race, but as Pandora found it’s a box that can’t easily be shut. History is littered with the terrible consequences of those who have gone down a similar path and given licence to the same feelings in society.

But all is not lost because hope remains. The story of Pandora may be a myth. But the certain hope that lies at the heart of the Christian faith is the historical certainty of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Events that achieved both a conclusive defeat of all evils, and also the means of reconciliation. While many despair at the box that Trump has opened, it’s the people of God following Jesus who have the power to shut it. 

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