All this week heartbreaking stories have emerged from the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando last weekend – an event of great evil that so unnecessarily, and so pointlessly took the lives of so many. But in the midst of such evil, acts of great love and sacrifice shine forth. Brenda Lee Marquez McCool was at the bar that night with her 21 year old son Isaiah. When she realised that the gunman was about to target her son, she placed herself in the way. She was shot and killed giving her son the opportunity to go free. Such is the instinctive and sacrificial love of a parent for their child.


Some will look at these events and, seeing the evil that unfolded, conclude that there cannot be a God. Others will view the same events and wonder where the love of a mother, that instinctively acted to sacrifice her own life in order to save that of her child came from.


It may of course just be pure chance, the random process of evolution and the chance combination of chemicals; or it may just point us to something deeper at the core of human existence, something that reflects the image of a God who is love, and who in Jesus also sacrificed His own life in order to let us go free.

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