Now That’s What I Call Music!

It’s a curious thing but the most successful music compilation album in the world, now in its 35thyear, took its name from a 1930’s advert for Danish eggs and bacon.  Preparing for its launch in 1983 studio executives were struggling to think of a name when one of them noticed a poster on the wall behind his desk.  A birthday present from Richard Branson it depicted a pig listening to a chicken sing, with the caption now synonymous with pop music.  So it was that an obscure advert long-forgotten became one of the most recognisable brands in the world of music.


Two thousand years ago Jesus did the same thing when looking for a title to describe the contemporary message that he had come to proclaim. Wary of existing titles that might be misunderstood he took one from Israel’s history and re-purposed it for his own use.  He chose ‘Son of Man’, a title that had its roots in the story of Daniel (yes, the one in the lion’s den!) and which spoke of a man invested with divine authority whom all people would one day worship and whose Kingdom would never end.  So it was that an obscure title long-forgotten became one of the most recognisable names in history.

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