Not so Harry Houdini

As a child I fancied myself as a bit of an escape artist, but sadly with not much success. My brother records one occasion on which I asked to be gagged, tied to a chair in my bedroom and left alone to free myself. Things didn’t go to plan. In my struggle to be free I tipped the chair over and wedged my head between the mattress of my bed and the footboard. Unable to get free and with my cries for help now muffled by the mattress I was seriously starting to panic. Fortunately, my mum heard my faint cries and came to the rescue.

It just goes to show that sometimes we’re not as adept at freeing ourselves as we might like to think. Take, for example, the things that we know we do wrong. We’d all like to think that we could just stop doing those things, but how hard is it actually. As Jesus pointed out ‘anyone who sins is a slave to sin.’ That’s why we need someone to come and rescue us from the sins that entangle and disrupt our lives.

I’ll be forever grateful that my mum found me before I passed out, and I am forever grateful for a Saviour who set me free from sin and death.

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