No need to panic

Last Friday I found myself being driven around the Silverstone Formula 1 circuit by Lewis Hamilton. As we hurtled round the track at incredible speed, I felt a rising panic at feeling so out of control. But then I remembered that I was in a simulator, that Lewis wasn’t actually there, and that in reality I was barely moving at all. The recovery of a proper perspective immediately calmed my fears.


I’d had the same feeling earlier in the day when like so many, I woke to the unexpected news that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. It’s a decision that has stunned many, caused financial turmoil and turned political certainties on their heads. There’s now a feeling of being out of control as we hurtle into the unknown.


So no better time then to take a step back and remind ourselves that the Bible gives us a bigger framework within which to understand human affairs. The writer of Psalm 2 reflects on the fact that human rulers ignore God and conspire and plot together in vain, but in the end true sovereignty and governance lies with God; and Psalm 121 reminds us that when we need help there is only one place to go – that same God who never slumbers or sleeps and who promises that no harm will come to us.

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