Same need, different means

On 12th January 1882, the very first coal-fired power station started running at 57 Holborn Viaduct in London.  It only produced enough power for 1,000 street lamps, but it marked the beginning of 135 years of continuous coal-fired power generation in the UK.  By the 1920’s over a million men were working in the industry digging out millions of tonnes of coal a year to provide electricity.  So 21st of April 2017 was a watershed moment as it became the first 24-hour period in which no electricity at all in the UK was produced from burning coal.


In this Easter season, we are reminded that Jesus came not to give good advice, but to completely revolutionise the way in which we relate to God.  For centuries Jews had made the journey to the Temple in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices that would atone for their sins.  The idea that this system might one day be superseded was unthinkable.  But then Jesus came, and on the cross offered himself as a once-for-all sacrifice for sin that at a stroke made the old system obsolete.


Our need for electricity increases year on year but the way in which it is provided has changed out of all recognition.  So too our need to be in relationship with the God who loves us.

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