Manual for life

Beloved of car owners around the world the very first Haynes Manual was published in 1966. Its author John Haynes had developed an early passion for cars, missing rugby at school in order to convert an Austin 7. The interest generated when he came to sell the car prompted him to write a small booklet showing other enthusiasts how he’d done it. The rest is history and to date some 200 million Haynes manuals have been sold around the world.

In a similar way the Bible started out as a few short booklets written for enthusiasts; and while Haynes wrote to explain how cars worked, the authors of the Bible wrote to explain how life itself works. Every Haynes manual is based on a complete strip down and rebuild of each car covered, and in the same way the Bible covers every aspect of life from the moment we are born to the moment we die, and of course beyond.

Like cars our lives are often running into trouble and it’s in those moments that the manuals come into their own. Not surprising then that even after 2,000 years the Bible continues to be a best-seller, its message bringing life and hope wherever it is read.

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