Manifesto promises

With the UK general election in full swing the political parties are starting to publish their manifestos. They will be full of promises to cut taxes, create jobs, spend billions on healthcare and housing and generally make us all feel richer and happier. The problem is we’re all rather cynical, convinced that politicians promise the earth and then fail to deliver once the election is over. But maybe we have reason to be more hopeful. Repeated studies over many years demonstrate that in general promises made become promises kept, with the UK coming top of the class with 85%.

In a similar way it’s all too easy to be dismissive of the church and cynical about the good news that Christians are supposed to represent. But listen to these words from Jesus in a declaration about why he had come, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me… to preach good news to the poor… proclaim freedom for prisoners… recovery of sight for the blind… release for the oppressed.’ During his life on earth Jesus fulfilled these promises in every way. 

Politicians will come and go, making and breaking promises, and then disappearing into history. Jesus, on the other hand, has been keeping his promises for 2,000 years and always will. 

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