Making sense of our lives

For several years my family and I took our summer holiday in the small village of Nethy Bridge in the Scottish Highlands. We would often drive through the forest and the foothills of the Cairngorm mountains, following the road as it twisted this way and that. We’d catch glimpses through the trees of a loch here or a hill there, but without any sense of how one piece of the landscape related to another. After a while, however, the road would begin to climb, and we would eventually reach a vantage point from which we could look back and see the landscape beneath us. Suddenly we could see the whole of our journey from beginning to end, and how each twist and turn had been necessary to get us to our final destination.


It seems to me that life is lot like that – a long journey full of twists and turns, and events that don’t often make much sense. But in Psalm 139 we read that God knew every day of our lives even before we were born. So, while the journey of our lives may often confuse us, we can be sure that one day we will look back with God and from his vantage point see how it all made sense.

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